Food Box 1968 Co.,Ltd.

Food Box 1968 was established on 19 March 2018. The objective is business of manufacturing and distribute food box packaging which is available. Using raw materials of paper from natural, No contaminants, safe for health and environment. We have the potential and capacity of food box packaging by using machines and raw materials that imported from abroad. Other than we have the ability to produce food box packaging from paper provide to high quality, strength and beauty according to the requirements of customers.

In addition, Food box 1968 company is also have AD SIGN company which is affiliated with the trade.


AD SIGN Co.,Ltd.

AD SIGN was established on 26 September 2000. The objective is distribution and imports the products from abroad. We are the sole agent in ASEAN countries, the product of Promociones Fantasticas Co.,Ltd.


Food Box
Food Boxes

Made from Kraft Paper 312gsm. Coating with PE 15 gsm.

Price 2.65 THB/pcs.

Food Box
Noodle Box

Made from Paper coated with PET
Price 5.00 THB/pcs.

Bio Drinking Straws

Produce from Biodegradable plastic
biodegrade around 18-36 months
Starting 80 THB/ Pack 300 pcs.

Food box made for using to substitute styrofoam box which it has dangerous to health. When obtained to heat will made to the substances secretion of Polystyrene which is cause of cancer.

Biodegradable bioplastics is a biodegradable plastic with microorganisms and bacteria in natural. (Bio compostable) Which can produce from raw materials that can be renewable production in natural

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